We are offering 10% off website design until 01.12.2020


There's no doubt this is a pretty stressful time to own a business and try to get by until the situation overturns.

Maybe you've had to change the way your business operates or even close it altogether for the time being.

As dark as it may seem, there are still things you can do give your business that boost it now desperately needs.

Finally get your website up and running


Now, more than ever, websites play a key role in running a bussiness. Just think about what your customers are doing right now, having to spend all their time at home - well hanging out on the internet of course!

Perfect time to simply introduce them them to your business or offer them your products & services and make some money through the online channels.

Here's what you can do:

  • Get a brand new website for your business

  • Update your old website to attract more customers

  • Open a webshop and start selling your products online

deerdigital - website design.png

"Well, how much does it all cost?" - you might ask.


Much like snowflakes or each of your kids, every business is different and has different needs, so what you need might be different than someone else. But don’t worry, we love you all the same!

Our websites start from 850 € and go up depending on the complexity and option of an online store integration. We will also toss in 10% discount to start you off. Just be sure to contact us before 1.12.2020.

So what we’re suggesting is to get in touch with us and we will send you our toughts and our estimate.

How does it work?

Send us a message telling us what your business does (e.g. a florist, a restaurant, a store...) and what services are you in need of (e.g. need a website, an online store, someone to take care of social media, need some flyers...). Also, if you have, it would be good to send us some links to things you already have up and running (your Facebook or Instagram page, website, TripAdvisor page etc.).

We will take a look at that and see what the best and most efficient thing to do would be and get back to you with our suggestions. You are in no way obligated to to accept our offer, and any initial consultation is completely free.


Thanks for submitting!